Earn crypto by testing new web3 products.

Complete bite-sized quests, meet web3 builders, and learn about web3 by doing rather than reading. 

Here's how it works

1. Receive the quest.

You'll receive an email with an invite to a live quest. Each quest invite will be accompanied by pre-reading material and a breakdown of what you'll learn. 

2. Complete the quest.

Each quest is a 60-minute task that is meant to help you learn a core web3 concept. Key areas we'll focus on include gaming, DeFi, and DAO participation. 

3. Debrief with others.

After each live session, you'll be able to have follow-on discussions with creators of the quest, as well as your peers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know.

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Q: How many people will be allowed to join CryptoShift?

A: We're planning to onboard new users slowly, starting with a pool of around 50 users.

Q: How much does it cost to participate in CryptoShift?

A: Participating in CryptoShift is free, but requires that you submit a participation application. 

Q: Will I need to pay gas fees?

A: We'll fund your wallet with enough crypto to complete any of the quests we send you.

Q: How is CryptoShift related to Hustleverse

A: Hustleverse is a paid community and program meant for people that want to transition into a web3 career. CryptoShift is a free community meant for those interested in getting paid to try new web3 products.

Stock niche market launch party funding?

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